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                         101	FreeCell
102	Couldn't initialize FreeCell.
103	Out of memory.
133	FreeCell Save Game
134	Play a game of FreeCell
135	Media Center FreeCell
136	http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=130269
883	Not enough available video memory. Attempting to fall back to a lower resolution
884	This game cannot be started because Windows is currently running in Safe Mode.
885	Closes the Tip
886	Press
887	Close
888	Hardware acceleration is either disabled or not supported by your video card driver, which could slow game performance. Make sure you have the latest video card driver installed and that hardware acceleration is turned on.
889	The game is running in software rendering mode
890	%s - Loading Resources...
891	You can turn off tips in "Options".
892	Unable to find the file [%s]. The game cannot continue.
893	Not enough available video memory. Please close any other graphically intensive applications that are running to free up memory, and then try running this game again.
894	Tip Body
895	Tip Title
896	Tool tip
897	You are running in a terminal services session, which is not supported.
898	%s - Loading High Resolution Resources...
899	%s - Loading Normal Resolution Resources...
900	The system has run out of memory. Try closing some applications and trying again.
901	Critical Error
902	No suitable graphics devices found
904	Failed to create DirectX device
905	You must be running 16-bit color mode at a minimum in order to play this game.
907	FreeCell developed for Microsoft Corporation by Oberon Games and Microsoft Corporation.
908	&End Game
909	&Return and try again\nClick Undo on the Game menu to reverse your last moves and try again.
910	There are no more possible moves. What do you want to do?
1000	Segoe UI
1001	Segoe UI
1002	14
6000	Note: You can turn off this prompt in "Options."
6001	Exit Game
6002	What do you want to do with the game in progress?
6003	&Save
6004	&Don't save
6005	Cancel
6006	Saved Game Found
6007	Do you want to continue your saved game?
6008	&Yes
6009	&No
6010	Reset Statistics
6011	Do you want to reset all your statistics to zero?
6012	&Yes
6013	&No
6014	Changed Game Settings
6015	These settings won't apply to the game in progress. What do you want to do?
6016	Quit and start a &new game with the new settings\nThis counts as a loss in your statistics.
6017	&Finish the game\nThe new settings apply to your next game.
6018	Overwrite Saved Game
6019	A saved game already exists. Are you sure you want to replace your previously saved game with your current game?
6020	Save Game File Error
6021	The save game file was either missing or invalid. If the file exists it will be deleted.  A new game will start.
6023	Always continue saved game
6024	Fatal Error
6025	An unknown fatal error occurred
6026	An unexpected NULL pointer was encountered
6408	FreeCell Statistics - %1
6409	FreeCell Statistics
7200	Overall
7201	Games Played
7202	Games Won
7203	Win Percentage
7204	Longest Winning Streak
7205	Longest Losing Streak
7206	Current Streak
7207	%1!d!
7208	%1!d!%%
7300	Segoe UI
41049	Two Of Spades
41077	Home Cell %1!d!
41107	You can move these cards to another stack in your layout.
41290	60
41501	Ten Of Hearts
41765	You can move any card, or column of cards in sequence, into an empty stack.
41825	Nine Of Hearts
41838	You can move cards to the holding cells to get them out of the way temporarily.
42022	FreeCell
42287	Click
42651	Five Of Spades
42781	Seven Of Clubs
42965	The Home stacks must be built up in sequence from Ace to King. That is not the next card in sequence. Use A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K.
43072	That move requires moving  cards. You only have enough free space to move  cards.
43079	Four Of Hearts
43090	Games won: %1!d!
43684	Segoe UI
43717	You can move more than one card at a time only if all of those cards are in correct descending order in alternating red and black suits.
44129	FreeCell
44156	Three Of Diamonds
44183	Ace Of Hearts
44572	King Of Hearts
44682	Nine Of Clubs
44689	Games played: %1!d!
45105	Seven Of Hearts
45141	Classic Deck
45142	Hearts Deck
45143	Seasons Deck
45144	Large Print Deck
45151	Classic Felt
45152	Red Hearts
45153	Green Nature
45154	Red Felt
45155	Brown Felt
45688	No Hint
45972	Five Of Diamonds
46033	Free Cell 1
46215	King Of Spades
46368	Jack Of Clubs
46379	Cards left: %1
46672	Ace Of Diamonds
46756	Ten Of Spades
46897	Longest losing streak: %1!d!
46905	Longest winning streak: %1!d!
47108	Jack Of Hearts
47206	Six Of Diamonds
47775	Eight Of Hearts
47847	Eight Of Diamonds
47951	The Home stacks must be built up in a single suit. You can only put hearts in that stack.
48341	You can only put a card on another card if it is the next card in sequence.
48399	Seven Of Diamonds
48455	Two Of Diamonds
48482	How To Play
48606	Nine Of Diamonds
48652	You can only use Ace cards to start a Home stack. Put one Ace from each suit in the four Home stack place-holders.
48902	King Of Diamonds
48927	Invalid Move
48928	Home Move Available
49055	The Home stacks must be built up in a single suit. You can only put clubs in that stack.
49217	Eight Of Clubs
49327	Three Of Spades
49781	You can only put a black card on a red card. The card colors must alternate.
50300	Free Cells Empty
50760	8
50799	Free Cell %1!d!
50922	You can move any card into an empty stack.
51010	Two Of Hearts
51443	Free Cell 4
51672	Four Of Diamonds
51853	Ten Of Clubs
51933	Four Of Spades
52038	Jack Of Diamonds
52507	Select Card Deck
52538	Row Stacks
52786	Home Cell 1
52967	Six Of Clubs
53054	12
53474	Free Cell 3
53644	Seven Of Spades
53870	The Home stacks must be built up in a single suit. You can only put diamonds in that stack.
54339	Current streak: %1!d!
54428	There are no moves available! Try undo or start a new game.
54466	Eight Of Spades
54639	Two Of Clubs
54643	Queen Of Diamonds
54743	You can only put a red card on a black card. The card colors must alternate.
54745	Game #%1
54827	Empty
54956	Select Background
55146	That move requires moving %1!d! cards. You only have enough free space to move %2!d! cards.
55608	Home Cell 3
55659	Queen Of Hearts
56630	Open Stack Available
56874	Nine Of Spades
57131	Five Of Hearts
57618	You can move this card to home.
57663	10
57807	Ace Of Clubs
57914	Build stacks of cards by arranging them in sequence from high number to low, in alternating suit colors red and black.
58113	&Keep playing
58114	What do you want to do with the game in progress?
58123	Quit and start a &new game\nThis counts as a loss in your statistics.
58126	&Restart this game\nThis counts as a loss in your statistics.
58127	Quit and &choose a specific game\nEnter a number to play a specific game. This counts as a loss in your statistics.
58128	New Game
58129	No More Moves
58130	That is not a valid game number.
58131	Game number
58132	Empty Stack
58133	How many cards would you like to move to the empty stack?
58134	Move &All\nMove all cards to the empty stack (using available freecells and empty stacks).
58135	Move &Single Card\nMove only the selected bottom card to the empty stack.
58136	&Do Nothing\nReturn to the current game without moving anything.
58953	Six Of Hearts
59258	The Home stacks must be built up in a single suit. You can only put spades in that stack.
59356	Home Cell 2
59440	Loading
59600	Free Cells
59677	Home Cell 4
59678	&Randomly choose deck and background
60001	Home Cells
60374	Face Down
60450	Ace Of Spades
61278	Ten Of Diamonds
61344	Queen Of Clubs
61500	Stack %1!d! Number %2!d!
61630	Segoe UI
61849	That move requires moving %1!d! cards. You only have enough free space to move 1 card.
62047	You cannot move that card to a holding cell because all holding cells are occupied.
62207	That holding cell is already occupied.
62582	Free Cell 2
62876	Jack Of Spades
62890	Available Move
62984	Four Of Clubs
63341	Win percentage: %1!d!%%
64633	Queen Of Spades
64717	Click Card
64833	Three Of Clubs
64932	 - Hinted
64948	Three Of Hearts
65000	%1, %2!d! face down card(s)
65017	King Of Clubs
65200	Five Of Clubs
65342	Six Of Spades
65343	New Game Button
65344	Starts a new game
65345	Play New Game
65346	Exit Game Button
65347	Exits the Game
65348	Exit
65349	New Game
65350	Exit Game
65351	Segoe UI
65352	20
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