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                         <div id="branding" class="clearfix">
    <?php print $breadcrumb; ?>
    <?php print render($title_prefix); ?>
    <?php if ($title): ?>
      <h1 class="page-title"><?php print $title; ?></h1>
    <?php endif; ?>
    <?php print render($title_suffix); ?>
    <?php print render($primary_local_tasks); ?>

  <div id="page">
    <?php if ($secondary_local_tasks): ?>
      <div class="tabs-secondary clearfix"><?php print render($secondary_local_tasks); ?></div>
    <?php endif; ?>

    <div id="content" class="clearfix">
      <div class="element-invisible"><a id="main-content"></a></div>
      <?php if ($messages): ?>
        <div id="console" class="clearfix"><?php print $messages; ?></div>
      <?php endif; ?>
      <?php if ($page['help']): ?>
        <div id="help">
          <?php print render($page['help']); ?>
      <?php endif; ?>
      <?php if ($action_links): ?><ul class="action-links"><?php print render($action_links); ?></ul><?php endif; ?>
      <?php print render($page['content']); ?>

    <div id="footer">
      <?php print $feed_icons; ?>

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  • huutuan99bg Avatar
    huutuan99bg - 3 years ago
    your code look like the shitt! kkkk